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March 08 2016


Xbox and the future of video gaming - Video

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March 06 2016


How an Online Game Reflects the Syrian Conflict

Hosam's expertise piqued my own along with academic curiosity, and eventually prompted me for you to explore how Syria's conflict is actually reflected in the virtual reality of a game, very well-liked by Syrian youth.

Being a new 33-year-old academic, I discovered it hard to rationalize for you to my pals as well as family members my infatuation together with Clash regarding Clans, any childish nevertheless rather addictive on the particular internet strategy game, until I satisfied Hosam. Whilst awaiting his refugee application being accepted, the 24-year-old man from eastern Aleppo invested significantly associated with his online time via his Samsung phone, browsing news, chatting about Whatsapp, along with playing Clash regarding Clans. Because Hosam explained, fighting inside a clan coming from his Syrian hometown and also coordinating battles against clans these were randomly matched together with round the globe had been one of your ways he maintained spiritual ties with almost all the terrain as well as neighborhood he had left behind.

However, just such as throughout real life, some front lines had been quite impenetrable. Possibly since associated with my Sunni-sounding profile name, I ended up being shunned through Shia clans similar to "Shiat Ali" as well as "Ahl al-Bayt" too as simply by clans together with names referring to Alawite villages on the Syrian coast.

After a quantity of browsing, I joined the particular "Idleb Heroes," a new clan involving forty players via my family's province inside the northern a component of Syria, the region that will since March 2015 comes beneath the particular complete control of the particular Islamist opposition.

I chose clans with no much less than 25 members (out of the maximum fifty) along with a minimal of 10,000 clan points (proving the particular commitment in the core members). While browsing Syrian clans, it had been striking in order to see how the majority of players made each effort for you to maintain the game like a politics-free field, warning would-be members inside the clan description to refrain from any speak about politics http://www.ebay.com/rpp/video-games and also sectarian affiliation.

In your ensuing months, I joined the quantity of clans with names referring for the Syrian Army as well as ones proudly calling themselves "Shabbiha" (spirits) following your notorious pro-regime militias, typically coupled together with references to President Assad or possibly the name involving cities as well as provinces.

Tired regarding wandering, I headed again for you to my Idlebi clan to find very much had changed during my six-month absence. Even though the members were more as well as less the same, I was informed that will Abou Joud, certainly one of our elders, ended up being "missing" within the wake of a Russian airstrike. Still, his identify is officially even now there among the members. An Additional member traveled in order to Turkey together together together with his brother, together with dreams involving heading in order to Sweden, which, however, did not stop him coming from remaining a dedicated person in the actual clan.

The clan I discovered can become a strong community involving younger males in between 16 as well as 24 living in several elements of the Sunni-majority province, playing about cheap smartphones charged by simply external batteries to end up being astuce clash royale able to keep your game upon even throughout the daily blackouts. However, not enough electricity had certainly not been the primary obstacle: if the Web ended up being cut off in the middle of a clan war, many of our own carefully devised strategies visited waste. Pertaining To the particular clan, Clash involving Clans seemed to be a lot a lot more than a new straightforward game, since the chat perform was ultimately used for reporting about the Assad regime's air strikes, as well as to check regardless of whether every one associated with the members were alive.

After becoming the member of a Kuwaiti clan, I found that half of the particular members aged mostly in between 17 and also 22 had been Kuwaitis, whilst the remainder were Syrians residing inside the Gulf state. With Regard To your Sunni clan, fighting against Shias throughout general, as well as the Iranians within particular, had been often a new few honor. While pitted against Iranian players throughout individual battles, virtual al-Nusra fighters made the decision to launch attacks even if the prospect involving booty inside gold as well as elixir were significantly under the actual amount invested throughout equipping his or her troops.

Despite your refusals, I did not give up my intention to become able to go hardcore. Luckily, the Islamic State's principal rival throughout global jihad was very welcoming. However, when browsing clans referring to the al-Nusra Front, al-Qaida's Syrian affiliate, your strongest ones I found weren't throughout Syria, in Lebanon and Kuwait, a pair of countries along with people as well as teams keeping strong back links with most the Syrian radicals.

Though politics was not a general topic of the chat, emotions ran high once the clan has been randomly pitted against teams through Saudi Arabia and furthermore the United States, the two principal foes with the Assad regime. These battles became matters regarding honor, using members coordinating attacks a lot more carefully as compared to usual, mocking the particular enemy, along with telling jokes such as "boars are generally successful against pigs," referring for the character associated with barbarians riding about boars.

However, an equally significant variety of clans proudly declared their own political sympathies through naming on their own right after fighting factions as well as militias. Seeking each throughout English as well as Arabic, I discovered greater than fifty clans calling on their own "Syria involving Assad" as well as significantly more referring in order to "Asad" (Lion) in one way or another, while the variety of politically inspired teams has been uncountable.

I chose a new loyalist group regarding forty-five players, where the single issue to be accepted ended up becoming to declare "For Allah, Syria, along with Bashar!" soon I located myself in the organization of experienced players with pseudonyms referring to a variety associated with sectarian backgrounds, coming mostly from government-held Damascus, Hama, as well as western Aleppo.

While Americans largely proved being easily defeated enemies, we had been frequently trounced through the Saudi gamers which had no qualms regarding making use of their credit cards to get capability-boosting gems in the game store. Or Perhaps at least that offers been how members in our Assadist clan explained the defeats, most probably to save lots of face. Still, the particular explanation had been in zero way groundless: 4 of the extremely best ten clans on the global level are usually typically in the Arab Gulf region.


The government-friendly war device seemed to become effective: throughout clan wars, leaders and also elders donated the Degree 5 dragon to every participant to become able to protect the base, one thing unimaginable inside the case with the Idlebi clan, where players could at most merely afford in order to donate archers and barbarians.

After the month associated with comradeship, I bade farewell towards the clan as well as began my six-month journey like a lonely mercenary, wandering among the front lines in the Syrian clan wars, becoming any member of the war-torn country's most notorious clans.

After "defecting" in the regime, I joined the particular "Free Syrian Army," a group regarding youthful people, many involving whom have become refugees within Turkey. Becoming an opposition fighter was not easy. It has been typical for you to possess a player submit an application for membership along with then, right after getting been admitted, in order to curse us, label us as traitors along with American puppets, and then leave. some even went as way as seeking "troop donations" and using the donations for their own individual wars, then utter their curses along with leave.

To my surprise, clans just like "al-Dawla al-Islamiyya" (Islamic State) and also "Ansar al-Dawlah", referring for the Islamic State, are not interested in my application either. two strong Kurdish clans, each known as PYD, referring for you to Kurdish militants in northern Syria, accepted me merely until they will realized that I do not converse Kurdish. Speaking involving Kurdish clans, it absolutely was striking to determine how, similarly towards the clans with the Islamic State, these people set his or her spot as "international," an obvious manifestation of his or her refusal in order to acknowledge the particular national borders associated with Syria.

Although the actual clan had been essentially non-political, often it proved rather challenging regarding members in order to suppress their particular emotions. Once, following getting matched having a player called Hezbullah throughout an individual battle along with scoring an all-three star victory, I shared your video using my fellow clan mates. Soon, heat congratulations arrived using overtones associated with anti-Shia sentiments, some thing I had by no means experienced through the extended summers I invested throughout Idleb ahead associated with the war, exactly where Lebanese Shia Hezbollah were usually celebrated like a force of resistance from the Israelis, the actual "Zionist entity" of their state propaganda.

December 13 2015


Technology and Science News - ABC News


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December 06 2015


World News | International Breaking News, Headlines & Video

Lorenzo Vidino, shares findings

world Brother as well as sister swap genders

Mom Beth McGarrity features revealed how the woman's son along with daughter both told her they will wished to swap gender, within weeks of every other.

Globe Triple suicide bombings in Chad kill at least 27 people, police say

A triple suicide bombing with a industry in a tropical throughout Lake Chad in Saturday killed no less than 27 folks and injured 90 others, mentioned security officials.

Video Really Does poverty breed terrorism?

Claim in question following San Bernardino rampage

Video Terrorist used little-known visa process for you to type in US

Questions raised regarding 'Fiance visa' in which allowed Tasheen Malik into the US

world Nigeria arrests 9 alleged Boko Haram extremists throughout Abuja

Nigeria's intelligence agency says it has arrested nine alleged Boko Haram extremists plotting attacks about Abuja, the particular capital, more than the actual festive season.

Video ISIS reportedly using flight simulators to teach within Libya

Former CIA case officer weighs in on 'Fox & Friends'

world ten injured in bomb blasts in Hindu temple in Bangladesh

Unidentified attackers hurled three homemade bombs on the premises of the Hindu temple in northern Bangladesh during a drama performance early Saturday, injuring ten people,...

. Video London stabbing suspect allegedly yells 'This is for Syria'

Sky Information reports: Incident occurred with tube station in East London

world BREAKING: Man arrested, heard shouting 'this is for Syria,' within stabbing attack throughout London tube station

DEVELOPING: The man ended up being arrested Saturday following allegedly stabbing the commuter as well as shouting "this is for Syria" with a London subway station, Sky Information reports.

Video ISIS in America study: Recruits incredibly diverse

Author associated with study, Dr

November 29 2015


Africa News - CNN.com

Pope Francis tends for you to make his initial trip to Kenya on a five day African tour that is scheduled to include Uganda and the Central African Republic. Pope Francis landed within Kenya's money Nairobi on November 25 about the very first leg of your landmark trip to Africa, with massive crowds, choirs and also dancers waiting in order to greet him. the previous Bukima camps had been destroyed, 1st from the CNDP rebel movement throughout 2008 and 2009; now most recently simply by their particular followers, the particular M23 rebels. UK company Soco International PLC can be planning in order to explore for oil within DRC's Virunga National Park, the protected Globe Heritage Web Site and many biodiverse park within Africa. AFP PHOTO / POOL / DANIEL DAL ZENNARO / AFP / POOL / DANIEL DAL ZENNARO (Photo credit ought to study DANIEL DAL ZENNARO/AFP/Getty Images)" class="media__image" src="http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151126144443-glum-pope-francis-kenya-large-tease.jpg"/>Does 'Pope holiday' place church and state as well close?Raising awarenessWhy do the actual Dutch ambassador swim throughout the Nile?

TV and Video

nigerian entrepreneurs nollywood mo abudu orig_00004416.jpgnigerian entrepreneurs nollywood mo abudu orig_00004416.jpgFearless entrepreneurs dreaming big within Nigeriatabu flo african voices spc a_00054706.jpgtabu flo african voices spc a_00054706.jpgUgandan breakdancers push pertaining to social changetrevor noah daily display new africans orig_00001614.jpgtrevor noah every day demonstrate new africans orig_00001614.jpgTrevor Noah along with other Africans hitting the important timespc marketplace africa tanzania aviation a_00011027.jpgspc marketplace africa tanzania aviation a_00011027.jpgTanzania's low-cost, no-frills airlinesteven chikosi african voices spc c_00005622.jpgsteven chikosi african voices spc c_00005622.jpgThe photographer giving folks a new voicespc africa view africa tourism_00003405.jpgspc africa view africa tourism_00003405.jpgTourism booming across Africareggie rockstone african voices spc b_00063329.jpgreggie rockstone african voices spc b_00063329.jpgMeet the actual Godfather of Ghana's Hiplife musicspc south africa religious history a_00070823.jpgspc south africa religious history a_00070823.jpgAncient religious sites discovered throughout Ethiopia

CNN Specials

African Start-UpGeorge MtemahanjiGeorge MtemahanjiMeet the entrepreneurs with the heart associated with Africa's boomHow to produce a new business from quality fruit and also vegTapping in in order to the sweet tooth of EthiopiansAfrican VoicesA woman tries any virtual reality headset in an exhibition in the African Futures Exhibition in the Goethe Institut, Johannesburg.A woman tries the virtual reality headset from an exhibition in the African Futures Exhibition at the Goethe Institut, Johannesburg.Is virtual reality set to adopt off inside Africa?Terrorism, sexism as well as corruption, here's audio which insures it all10 pro guidelines to have much more Instagram followersInside AfricaThe Bageni family within the gorilla sector involving Virunga National Park, about August 6, 2013 within Bukima, DR Congo. The Bageni family members within the gorilla sector of Virunga National Park, about August 6, 2013 in Bukima, DR Congo. Pope Francis landed in Kenya&#39;s capital Nairobi about November 25 on the 1st leg of the landmark trip to Africa, using massive crowds, choirs and also dancers waiting to greet him. AFP PHOTO / POOL / DANIEL DAL ZENNARO / AFP / POOL / DANIEL DAL ZENNARO        (Photo credit score should study DANIEL DAL ZENNARO/AFP/Getty Images)Pope Francis attends a meeting with St Mary College in Nairobi, upon November 26, 2015. the 78-year-old pontiff, the third pope for you to visit the particular continent, can also be scheduled in order to visit Uganda and also the troubled Central African Republic (CAR) on a six-day trip. <br><br>Breaking News<br><br>Toggle SearchWatch Reside TV<br><br>U.S. Edition<br><br>U.S.InternationalArabicEspaolSet edition preferenceConfirm 2015 Cable news Network. UK organization Soco International PLC is planning to explore with regard to oil inside DRC&#39;s Virunga National Park, any protected Globe Heritage site and most biodiverse park within Africa. In spite of this along together with a prior occupation by method of a prior rebel group, the actual gorillas still survive, mainly credited the particular efforts of the ICCN, your Congolese Conservation Authority. Africa is recognised as becoming crucial to the way forward for the actual Catholic Church using the continent&#39;s Catholic figures growing faster than somewhere else in the world. Regardless of these setbacks as well as the ongoing danger, the ICCN Congolese conservation rangers still protect the actual mountain gorillas with the region and to arrange for tourism that follows if peace is achieved. The Actual previous Bukima camps were destroyed, first by the CNDP rebel movement throughout 2008 as well as 2009; now lately through his or her followers, the actual M23 rebels. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. The Particular 78-year-old pontiff, the third pope to become able to visit the actual continent, is also scheduled to visit Uganda and the troubled Central African Republic (CAR) on the six-day trip.  (Photo by Nichole Sobecki/Getty Images) *** BESTPIX ***Pope offers 'catastrophic' warningFrancis sounds alarm throughout his first papal trip to AfricaIs Africa the lengthy run regarding Catholicism?What's your current #MessageToThePope? Most Recent newsTunisia presidential bus blast: 11 killed on night patrol along with anti-terror squad in MaliSuicide bombing throughout Nigeria kills 8Top storiesPirates seize Iranian, Thai shipsHealth panel slams WHO more than Ebola response6 killed throughout suspected Boko Haram bombingsEbola returns in order to LiberiaBlast kills no less than 31 inside Nigerian capital associated with scotland- YolaSoccer star Kamara 'haunted through nightmares'How would you revive any dying species? Russia: 2-pound bomb destroyed MetrojetU.S. (Photo through Nichole Sobecki/Getty Images) *** BESTPIX ***" data-src-mini="http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151126222040-03-pope-kenya-1126-small-tease.jpg" data-src-xsmall="http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151126222040-03-pope-kenya-1126-medium-tease.jpg" data-src-small="http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151126222040-03-pope-kenya-1126-large-tease.jpg" data-src-medium="http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151126222040-03-pope-kenya-1126-overlay-tease.jpg" data-src-large="http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151126222040-03-pope-kenya-1126-super-tease.jpg" data-src-full16x9="http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151126222040-03-pope-kenya-1126-full-169.jpg" data-src-mini1x1="http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/151126222040-03-pope-kenya-1126-small-11.jpg" data-demand-load="not-loaded" data-eq-pts="mini: 0, xsmall: 221, small: 308, medium: 461, large: 781" src=""/>NAIROBI, KENYA - NOVEMBER 26:  Pope Francis gets to the actual College involving Nairobi to acquire a public mass within downtown Nairobi on November 26, 2015, inside Nairobi, Kenya. 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NAIROBI, KENYA - NOVEMBER 26:  Pope Francis gets to the University Or College involving Nairobi for any public mass in downtown Nairobi in November 26, 2015, inside Nairobi, Kenya. Pope Francis helps make his first trip to Kenya on a five day African tour that is scheduled to incorporate Uganda as well as the Central African Republic. the gorilla sector is currently occupied through the M23 rebel movement with the Congolese army. Despite these setbacks and the ongoing danger, your ICCN Congolese conservation rangers continue to protect your mountain gorillas of the region and in addition to policy for tourism which will observe if peace can be achieved. Regardless of this and a prior occupation by a previous rebel group, your gorillas still survive, mostly thanks the particular efforts in the ICCN, the particular Congolese Conservation Authority. 140 rangers died in order for you to save this animalThe refugees using Olympic dreamsRwanda's rainforests: 5 top factors to visit proper nowNewsU.S.WorldPoliticsTechHealthEntertainmentLivingTravelMoneySportsVideoCNNgoLatest NewsMust Watch VideosDigital StudiosTVCNNgoScheduleCNN FilmsShows A-ZFaces associated with CNN WorldwideOpinionsPolitical Op-EdsSocial CommentaryiReportMorePhotosLongformInvestigationsCNN profiles A-ZCNN Leadership

U.S. Africa can be recognised as getting crucial to the way in advance for your Catholic Church with most the continent&#39;s Catholic figures growing quicker compared to anywhere else inside the world. The Actual gorilla sector is actually presently occupied by the M23 rebel movement of the Congolese army. all Legal Rights Reserved.Terms involving UsePrivacy PolicyAdChoicesAdvertise using usAbout usWork regarding usHelpTranscriptsLicense FootageCNN Newsource. airstrike in Libya kills ISIS leaderBurundi EU diplomatic mission evacuationPower players behind Africa's greatest economy FeaturedPhotos regarding Moroccan woman Nabila who was mistaken regarding Paris female jihadi Hasna Ait Boulahcen Photos involving Moroccan woman Nabila who had been mistaken regarding Paris female jihadi Hasna Ait Boulahcen Woman mistaken for jihadi: I reside in steady fearReport: Boko Haram deadlier when compared with ISISThe the majority of famous band you've never heard ofMysterious anomaly spotted inside Pyramid of GizaUNICEF's new study[NAME CHANGED] About 14 November 2015, Amina Kamara, 15, stands inside the yard regarding her home,  behind her will be your ex husband Lamine, within Motonko Village, Ribbi Chiefdom, Moyamba District.

[NAME CHANGED] Upon 14 November 2015, Amina Kamara, 15, stands in the yard of her home,  at the actual rear of your ex will be the woman's husband Lamine, inside Motonko Village, Ribbi Chiefdom, Moyamba District.

Africa's youngster brides expected to double simply by 2050OpinionPope Francis attends the meeting at St Mary Institution throughout Nairobi, upon November 26, 2015

November 22 2015


Hawaii News and Opinion on The Huffington Post

But you mustn't tension out a lot of along with ensure it is appear difficult. In case you've got somebody much just like me on your own own checklist (a self-proclaimed crazy dog lady), you won't need to miss this gift guide.

The refugees inside Syria might be different in their religious beliefs coming from many in western cultures as well as these of Europe, in my humble opinion, they really do certainly not deserve to be treated as if they are generally the enemy.


A multiple option test doesn't talk for you to all round emotive intelligence, as well as how conscientious he is as the student. Consider comfort: Dreamy accommodations inside Hawaii don't possess to destroy the bank. This won't measure motivation or empathy regarding others, nor will it tell you if your student is typically available to new suggestions or perhaps one who bounces back again quickly via disappointment.

A vacation to Hawaii tops many any bucket list, but tend to appear prohibitively expensive, together with nightly prices for a great deal of resorts reaching $500 or more. Discover our list of your best bed as well as breakfasts and inns on each island, at each budget.

BedandBreakfast.com Your number 1 place with regard to discovering special accommodations as well as booking B&B getaways

It will be cynically using you, the actual "regular people," as human shields to hide behind, and to deflect criticism, in order that the particular public and the media won't recognize what it offers become.

Steven Hill Senior Fellow with New America, author associated with "Raw Deal: How the particular 'Uber Economy' as well as Runaway Capitalism Tend To Be Screwing American Workers"

Moving can be in simply no way easy, particularly abroad. We most need to "be Hawaiian" but also to reside and take advantage of which is agreed to us as Americans.

Al Gonzales Retired fireman and also commercial ahi fisherman throughout Hawaii

The holiday buying season will be upon us! Together With Black Friday, Little Enterprise Saturday along with Cyber Monday just times away, it's time for a person personally to begin creating your record and checking it twice. In the actual event that you can tame the particular anxiety and also stress, every thing goes truly smoothly! Living abroad is an incredible experience, so when the opportunity arrives your own way, get it!

The play debuted in 1959 but the enduring theme remains: inner wealth is the basis pertaining to outer wealth.

Hawaii is a diverse state both inside regards to culture along with climate, which tends to make it a fantasy destination around the globe - sometimes frustratingly so, as stereotypes involving surface-level tourism often outshine the deeper beauty.

We Hawaiians must quit living within the past as well as feeling sorry pertaining to ourselves

November 15 2015


CNN Style - Fashion, design, art, architecture and luxury

This is actually the end result associated with improve bullishness amongst Japan's own domestic companies and, paradoxically, any reluctance upon their particular part in order to attempt to outdo German companies in Frankfurt. Auto expert John Mcllroy identifies the most notable 5 tendencies for you to emerge in the show.

. autosTokyo Motor Show: the long run associated with generating

By John McIlroy, pertaining to CNN

This year's event looks set to eclipse Los Angeles since the year's big late autumn motor show

November 08 2015


Business Wire: In the News

Instead a person ought to give editors, audiences and search engines whatever they crave: compelling visuals as well as interactivity.

Read the particular total article athttp://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/18278


Do you need wider reach for the news? Want a lot more media hits? Then stop sabotaging the information using boring, text-only press releases.

We've almost all heard in regards to the demise in the press release. Yet, like the phoenix, it's re-emerged, together with renewed vigorbecause it has had about a fresh form.

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